Defend Your Case With The Assistance Of Drink Driving Lawyers

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drink driving lawyers

If you are heavily drunk it is not advised to drive on the road. Even the Government has set rules against driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In case you driving under influence and have caused an accident you have to get assistance from drink driving lawyers in melbourne. There are chances that your license will be taken away as it is an offense. If you are detained it’s about time you take help from the expert lawyer. They are experienced and will help assist you with legal help. The police allow you to call up a lawyer if you want. If you are charged with drunk driving you must present yourself through a lawyer in court. The defence lawyer knows the rules of traffic and the consequences of drunk driving.

Breath and blood test

If you are charged with a case of drunk driving it is important to have two breath tests. Whether it is the commercial law or something else you have to follow the instructions. The ECB machine may give a wrong result and the lawyer in charge can prove the results wrong. They will help you against the opponent by proving that the machine is not in good condition. It is also easy for them to prove that the correct breathing test is not taken. These arguments are powerful and can help you get away with the drink driving charges. In such cases, there are high chances that the evidence is not enough to detain you. If you have taken a blood test it can also show the amount of alcohol consumption in the report. The police don’t need to ask for a blood or breath test but if they do the lawyer can defend once again. Urine tests are hardly performed but not without lawful consent.

Penalties for drink driving

There are a lot of penalties that a person may have to face because of driving under the influence. You may go to prison or pay a large fine at the right time. If you have not caused any accident police may take away your license on the spot. It is important to cover the cost of an accident or your car insurance. In some serious cases, you will not be allowed to travel to other countries till the case is settled. Mostly the sentence for drink driving will be 5 to 6 months. Depending on the type of case the charge of offense will differ. The chinese criminal law firm in melbourne for drink driving is challenging to understand and only an expert can handle the situation. You can get good guidance from the lawyer to sort out everything.