How The Expert Gives You The Best Service For The Billiard Table Removals

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The snooker tables gold coast has a majority of companies that provides the best services for table removals. People who have to shift their homes have to consult the companies who can give the best service for the table removals. The experts follow up some rules and tricks for dissembling the snooker table let us have a look at them.

Steps by the snooker tables gold coast companies:

Select the gadgets to disassemble the pool table:

The pool table is a big investment of the people. For the table removals, the company has accurate gadgets. The gadgets help the dissembling of the snooker tables. The snooker tables gold coast are famous because they have all equipment essential for the removals.

Removal of the staples:

The staples hold the pockets in place. In the billiard table removalists Brisbane, the removal of the pocket is essential. That is why the snooker tables gold cost companies have the best screwdrivers that can remove the staples easily.

Removal of the bolts:

Bolts are the side railing of the table. In the table removals, the next thing is to remove the bolts. This task is done by the snooker tables gold coast companies easily.

Removal of the felt:

Felt is an essential part of the snooker table. It requires care, so it does not get tears. When the staples get removed, the felt of the pool table gets off quickly.

Removal of the slate:

The slate bed is an important part of the pool table. The maximum weight of slate is 450 pounds. On each corner, you will find one screw that helps to fit the legs and the slate. So, for the billiard table removals, it is quite easy.

Removal of legs:

When you remove the slate safely, the next step in pool table removal is the legs. The legs on which your billiard table stands steady. For the billiard table legs removals, remove the nuts.

Steps of experts before pool table removals:

They survey the home from where they have to shift the table.

They take a deep look at the table. They search for any damage on the table. So, they can further take steps for the pool table removals.

If there is any damage on the table, they take pictures and fix it before dissembling the pool table.

Some essential gadgets for the removal of the pool table:

However, the table removals are not easy to perform. For this purpose, the companies of the snooker tables gold coast have special training programs for their workers. So, the commonly used equipment includes:




Drivers of different sizes and shapes.