Best Reverse Camera Kit

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If you are looking for something to protect your car while reversing your car then you are at the right place. It happens to almost all of us that sometimes we don’t understand or cannot guess what is behind the car and then accidently you hit someone. The best way to protect your car in this scenario is to use a reverse camera from which you will be able to know what exactly is behind your car and you will be good to go in a safe and secure way. We can provide you a broad range of reverse camera kits and depending on your requirements you can know what exactly you need for your car. There are different options available including the screen size and number of cameras that you want to connect to your system. The extra number of cameras is good if you are applying the kit to a long vehicle. 

We have got 7” to 9” screen sizes and you can choose which suits you the best. The big screens are suitable for big vehicles which might need more than one camera to get the perfect rear view. Our reversing camera kit also supports multiple cameras. You can add up to four cameras on a single camera kit plus all the four outputs will be displayed on the screen. The display setting of the screen can be adjusted by your taste and convenience. The cameras have resolution of up to 800×480 plus all the recordings will also have audio recording. So, something goes wrong and you need to hear the dialogue then worry not. You can easily listen to the audio of the recordings as all the cameras have built-in microphones. The video from the cameras will be transmitted wirelessly so there is no need of additional wires and cables. All you have to do is to provide the power to the camera and the rest will be done wirelessly.  

The maximum transmission range of the camera is from 30-120m so you stay worry free, it is a huge range in which your cameras can work effectively. The DVR attached with the system can record and play video and the memory can be extended to 128GB. There is an automatic night vision built-in that can provide the image and record up to 10 meters. All the cameras are weather proof and water proof to the rating of IP68. You can even mount an extra camera in your garage so that you can have a video of going in and going out of garage. There are different models available in wireless transmission so that you can choose what is best for you.  camera-kit