Highlights Of Kangaroo Island

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Australia is famous for its beautiful cities. From Adelaide to kangaroo island, from Adelaide to Melbourne great ocean road everything has its own beauty and is a place worth seeing for the tourists. Kangaroo island is famous spot for tourism. It is said that one cannot complete his tour of the southern Australia without visiting the kangaroo island. But what it is which makes this island so attractive and captivating. The city of Adelaide and the best kangaroo island both are the part of the south Australia. However, the kangaroo island is situated in the southwest of the city of Adelaide. This island is on the third number with respect of its population in Australia. The other islands such as the Tasmania and island of Melville are even bigger than the kangaroo island. 

It takes around 30 minutes in the flight from the Adelaide to kangaroo island and Adelaide to Alice springs outback tour. This island is the best place if you want to see closely the wild life of the Australia. The wild life here is very unique and rare. Such animals are only native to this area and are hardly found and seen in any other area of the world. Not only the wild life is unique but the artisan food of this island is another of its specialty. Some of the things which you must do during your visit and stay at the island are you must go for a walk which is surrounded by the sea lions. These sea lions are very rare in all the world and are only found on this very island of the Australia. This walk is around 900-meter-long and during your walk you can see the animals around you very close. These animals mostly the sea lions are usually found in the sand and sometimes on the surf. Nearby there is also a spot which is famous for camping. The water at this point is very much clear and the rocks surrounds the area.

As discussed earlier, not only the island is famous for its unique wild life but this island is equally famous for its unique and exquisite cuisine. This is famous for its most fresh sea food the fresh wine and the cheese. You can enjoy the season’s fresh sea food which is usually oysters. Not only in restaurants you can enjoy the freshness of the food but there are local farm markets which can also provide you with the fresh food of the season.